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WBS elements

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Hi expert,

Could you explain me the business transaction when wbs elements has been set in status LKD.

The maintenance order linked to the wbs( set status LKD)  can allow in the service entry sheet as a account assignment?

Difference between the wbs elents closed and the LKD..?

thank you

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Answers (2)

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Hlello Luca,

Please go through it..

Wbs-element CLSD means

1.  when you have completed your task with reference to WBS-element and no other posting required.

2.Settlement of that WBs-element has posted and no cost remain left against that wbs-element.

WBS-element LKD means

1. When you do not want to stop flow of activities wih reference to that WBs-element.

2.  It can be budget lock,account assignment lock,or all lock etc,,

3. It does not mean task completed, It means you have stopped it for a certain period of time until you unlock it again.

Now come to service entry sheet case

If your maintenance order is AALK or BMLK or all then it doesnt allow posting of service entry sheet

Becoz it requires Account asignment but you locked it

It requires budget flow, But It is locked


If all done then IT want allow any thing.


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For WBS elements status, go thru the link below, will answer all your query

IF you set

  • Budget management locked (BMLK)
  • Account assignment locked (AALK)
  • Master data locked (MDLK )

then you can't use WBS as acct. Assignment element in any tranx.