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WBS authorization

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Dear Gurus,

The scenario is like this -

There is one project under which two WBS elements are there as W1 and W2.

Under these WBS elements activities are there

Ex - A1, A2, A3, A4 under W1 and

A5, A6, A7, A8 under W2

These activities are under one network called N1

Activities also have milestones and Texts attached and so on.

Requirement - User X should have access to everything like create, change, confirm, delete etc. under W1 and samething user Y should have for W2.

User X should not have access to W2 and User Y should not have access to W1 however both W1 and W2 are under one project and can be viewed through CJ20N.

Can anyone suggest me the proper steps to be carried out for doing so (for PS and BASIS configuration).

Its very high priority and useful answers will be blessed by full marks.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Parimal,

you can also define different workcenters, that is you can assign 2 differnt workcenters to both the WBS and control it from workcenter authorizations and assign CN22 for the users.



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U can use responsible person to achieve your requirement.

Assign Responsible person X to W1 in the WBS element

Assign Responsible person Y to W2 in the WBS element

U will have to create 2 roles, one for X and other for Y

In these rolese use authorization object "C_PRPS_VNR" and assing PS_VERNR=X for person X role and respectively PS_VERNR=Y for person Y role.

Instead of giving authorization to CJ20N, give access to CJ01,CJ02, CJ03, CN21,CN22 & CN23.

Hope this helps.


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Dear Gurus,

My question is resolved.

Your answer was helpful to me...but I followed some different approach....

I maintained authorizations (in the role - BASIS setting) as follows -

Responsible person for WBS Element

Work centre for the activity

Authorization group for the milestone.

Then I attached this role to the user.

By this even in CJ20N, I could able to restrict the user only to his relevant WBS element, activity and milestone.

Anyways......Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs as I got a clue from that.