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WBGT table

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Hi Expert,

What is the use of WBGT table. What gets updated in the WBGT table.



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WBGT is a standard SAP table available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level.

You can view information and more if you enter the table name WBGT into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE11 or SE80.

You can also view the data contained in this database table via these transactions or alternatively use transaction SE16

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Sandesh Sawant

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WBGT table is a standard sap table which plays role in global trade for valuation process in retail. For delta update this table fetches major information. The fields which will update for this table can be seen in SE16 or SE11. Thanking you.

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Dear Kiran:

Table WBGT

Short Description Global Trade: Generic Document Informat

Field updated:

Document Type

General Document Number

Item Number of a Document

Sub-Item Number of a Document

Fiscal Year

Trading Contract: Trading Contract Number

Trading Contract: Item Number

Trading Contract: Sub-Item Number

Name of Person who Created the Object

Date on which the record was created

Trading Execution Workbench Type

Main Step

Business Scenario

Business Process Step

Trading Contract: External Document Number

Global Trade: Item Closed

Global Trade: Error in Follow-On Document Creation

Previous Step of Business Process

Previous Step of Business Process

Actual billed quantity

Sales unit

Purchase Order Quantity

Order unit

GUID in 'CHAR' format with upper-/lowercase

Mode of the Step of a Business Process

Global Trade Deletion Indicator

Indicator for Deletion Process

Send Completion Indicator

Document Type

Assoc. Mngt: General Document

Assoc. Mngt: Item Number in a General Document

Assoc. Mngt: Sub-Item Number in a General Document


Material Number

Material Group


Storage location

Batch Number

Assoc. Mngt: Quantity in Current Document

Assoc. Mngt: Unit of Measure in Current Document

Numerator: Conversion Factor

Denominator: Conversion Factor

Item Value

Valuation Category in BW

Tax Amount for an Item

Exchange Rate for Item Value in Local Currency


Stock Value


Returns Item

Valuation type

Global Trade Management: +/- Sign for Values and Quantities



ian, Wong Loke Foong