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Warehouse stock differnces

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Hi ,

I have a stock differnce in my warehouse for a particular material in my warehouse the stock is showing negative entry.

In which the LX23 report is also showing negative entry.

For the particular material there are no open/Pending TR's , To and Posting change notice.

The negative entry in the warehosue has to be clared i want to know how to clear the negative entries. For this negative entry i am not able to able to knock of through LT01.

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Answers (1)

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Can anyone guide me how to clear the stock differnces which is showing in LX23

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you cannot do it with LX23 either.

LX23 assumes that the WM stock is correct and adjusts the MM stock.

You have to find the root cause why you have negative stock.

use LS24 to see all stocks for this material, do not restrict to storage type or bin.

do you have some positive stock in another bin?