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warehouse mangement t-codes

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hi to all

pls give me the warehouse mangement related t-codes

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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there are so many tcodes please be specific

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LS01 Create Warehouse Master Record

LS01N Create Warehouse Master Record

LS02 Change Warehouse Master Record

LS02N Change Warehouse Master Record

LS03 Display Warehouse Master Record

LS03N Display Warehouse Master Record

LS04 Display Empty Storage Bins

LS05 Generate Storage Bins

LS06 Block Storage Bins

LS07 Block Quants

LS08 Block Storage Bins by Aisle

LS09 Display Material Data for Stor.Type

LS10 Generate Storage Bins

LS11 Change several stor.bins simultan.

LS12 Block stor.type

LS22 Change Quants

LS23 Display Quants

LS24 Display Quants for Material

LS25 Display Quants per Storage Bin

LS26 Warehouse stocks per material

LS27 Display quants for storage unit

LS28 Display storage units / bin

LS32 Change storage unit

LS33 Display storage unit

LS41 List of control cycles for WIP loc.

LS51 Create Batch Search Strategy - WM

LS52 Change Batch Search Strategie - WM

LS53 Display Batch Search Strategy - WM

LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench

LSO_TP LS: Participation Document

LT01 Create Transfer Order

LT02 Create TO for Inventory Difference

LT03 Create TO from Delivery Note

LT04 Create TO from TR

LT05 Process Posting Change Notice

LT06 Create TO for Material Document

LT07 Create TO for mixed storage unit

LT08 Manual addition to storage unit

LT09 ID point function for storage units

LT0A Pre-plan storage units

LT0B Putaway of Handling Units

LT0C Picking of Shipping Units

LT0D Stock Transfer of Shipping Units

LT0E Create Removal TO for 2-Step Picking

LT0F Create TO for Inbound Delivery

LT0G Return delivery to stock

LT0H Placement of existing HUs

LT0I Removal of existing Handling units

LT0J Put Away Handling Unit

LT0R Request replenishment manually

LT10 Create Transfer Order from List

LT11 Confirm Transfer Order Item

LT12 Confirm transfer order

LT13 Confirm TO for storage unit

LT14 Confirm preplanned TO item

LT15 Cancelling transfer order

LT16 Cancelling TO for storage unit

LT17 Single Entry of Actual Data

LT1A Change Transfer Order

LT1B Confirm TO-Item Pick

LT1C Confirm TO-Item Transport

LT1D Confirm Transfer Order Pick

LT1E Confirm Transfer Order Transport

LT1F Confirm TO for SU Pick

LT1G Confirm TO for SU Transport

LT21 Display Transfer Order

LT22 Display Transfer Order / Stor. Type

LT23 Display Transfer Orders by Numbers

LT24 Display Transfer Order / Material

LT25 Display Transfer Order / Group

LT25A Display Transfer Order / Group

LT25N Confirm Transfer ORder / Group

LT26 Transfer orders for storage bin