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Warehouse is missing in Item Master Data

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Hi Experts,

I encountered this problem in SAP B1.  I found out that one of the warehouses in one of my items is missing even though there is a quantity on hand in the said warehouse.  I added back the warehouse but the on hand in the said warehouse became zero while the quantity in inventory audit report shows the correct balance of the quantity in that warehouse of the said item.  When I query the table OITW, the OnHand balance is zero while OINM table is correct.  How can I correct the balance in OITW table?

Thank You,


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Hi Marlon,

You may try to use restore item balance functionality.

It is available in the menu Help.

If the problem not solve, you may try to upgrade to the latest PL of SAP B1.

You can also escalate the problem to sap support to have a fix but do not forget to perform the 1st level and 2nd level supports.


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I tried the Restore Item Balances in a test environment it fixed the error.  I'll escalate this to SAP for guidance. 

Thank you all.