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Wage Types in ZL table & Time Type 0040

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I have some Wage types which got generated due to Overtime in ZL table.

1. I want to Understand,how it will get paid in Payroll.What configurations i need to do in Payroll & TM to make payment for this wagetype.

2. Time Type 0040(overtime Worked) - This time type is used only for reporting purpose or there is some more use for this Time type.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The time wage types determined by time evaluation in tables ZL, ALP, and C1 (Cluster B2) represent the interface between time evaluation and payroll.

Function IMPRT B2 imports the time wage types determined by time evaluation from Cluster B2 to payroll, and valuates them.

All wage types that are generated during time evaluation are stored in the internal table DZL for each employee and day. The wage types are updated to table ZL using function CUMBT.

ZLIT funtion is used in Payroll

DAYPR ensures that the schema is processed once daily for each employee. If PDC is specified

as the value of parameter 2, the DAYPR function takes the results of time evaluation into account.

U000 ---> UT00 -->TC00.

Here U000 is a main schema, UT00 is sub schema in U000, and TC00 is again sub schema in UT00.

. Schema TC00 processes time data recorded in clock time format and are full-day records. Schema TC04 only records time data in hourly format.

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Thanks Vasegal,

Can you give help for Time Type 0040

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check the PCR TO02....In log also check

PTIP TO02 GEN . check input and output table.


An employee has to work 8 planned hours according to the daily work

schedule, and is at work for 11 hours. He/she should be credited with

overtime after 10 hours. The following time balances should be formed:

0002 = 8 hours (planned hours according to daily work schedule)

0040 = 1 hour (overtime)

0003 = 10 hours (planned work)

0005 = 2 hours (flextime - difference between planned work and

number of planned hours covered by basic wage)

0050 = 11 hours (productive hours)

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