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Wage Type for Multiplying a Rate with Amount and display in IT0015

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Dear Friends,

We have to create Wage types for country grouping 04 and infotype group 0015.

The scenario is that User enters for each wage type number/unit in hours/days/kms and for each fixed wage type there is an rate fixed(in decimal places) and it calculates the Number * Rate and gives the final amount.. The Rate undergoes changes every year.

I had thought of

a) creating constants and using them in rule OR

b) using the indirect valuation "CONST" and giving a fixed value in table T510K.

In option "b", I am facing the problem that I can't give the wage amount in table T510K in decimals as it gives an error "Decimal places are not permitted". If i give a value without decimal place, it allows me to save in T510K

and when i enter a Number/Unit in IT 0015, it multiplies to the rate with the value in T510K and gives the amount in IT15.

My problem is I want to use the same kind of behaviour where User only enters the Number and Unit in IT 15 and it calculates based on the Rate stored in config and multiplies and saves the value in Amount field . The rate could be in decimals.

I don't know how to create such configuration.

Kindly suggest.

Thanks & Regards,

Sunny Singh

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Answers (2)

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The easiest way to handle your scenario would be to create a constant in v_t511k, the user would enter the value in It-15, and the pcr as written below would do he calculations

Rte= kxxxx(xxxx is ur constant)

multi rna

addwt *

the advantage would be that the rates would be time based(having validity periods) and just in case of a retro will not throw any errors.


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Dear Remi and Raghu,

Thanks for the reply. But is there no other methods than to use Constants.

Can u please share with me all the config settings and the rule?

Where will I assign the Constant and the Number wage type(IT15)?

Thanks and Regards,


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Number setting for wage type is maintained in table V_T511 in SM30 transaction for number only, so that in infotype it allows you to input number only.

Constant in maintained in SM30 transaction in table V_T511K as ZABCD and used in rule with K as prefix to indiacte it is constant and comes from T511K table.

Only number needs be maintained in infotype and rule will automatically read constant and use it with number from infotype.



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If you want to use indirect valuation "CONST" and can set your constant in T510K but without decimals, then you could multiply the value of your constant by the factor that will make the decimals disapear (10, 100, 1000), and use a PCR to make the similar division after the WT has been valued (through function P0015) but before the WT is sent to RT.

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I would suggest that you create your constants in V_T511K. In the PCR processing the WTs from IT0015, you could then use the operation sequence RTE=KZZZZZ MULTI RNA ADDWT * , where ZZZZZ is the constant from V_T511K.

Should you require more decimals than is available in V_T511K, then the amount of your constant could be multiplied by 10 (or 100, or 1000) in the table, and you would use the same factor to divide the product of your multiplication (as in RTE=KZZZZZ MULTI RNA AMT/10 ADDWT * ).