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W2 - Box 12D reporting

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I have a question regarding Box 12D reporting on W2. My W2 shows $6000 in this box which is total amount contributed towards flexible health savings account. But out of $6000, SAP contributes only $1200 and I have contributed $4800. But since 12D shows $6000, the full amount is added to my income that is taxable . Does anyone know how to accout for only $1200 as part of the income when filing for taxes?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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Box 12DD is being mapped to Adobe form field ERHC (this you might not see, as ABAPer can see)., This tax form field been mapped to W2DD tax form group, this tax form group is being mapped to your customer naming wage types.

So, figure out in which wage type the amount 1200 being stored and map that wage type to tax form group W2DD tosee the output as 1200 in box 12DD.

Hope it helps.

Warm Regards!