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VPRS condition

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Can any one help me in providing configuration details of VPRS condition.

I cannot include it into my pricing procedure due to configuration errors.

thank you.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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a.Check on your "Condition Types" maintenance in IMG, whether these fields:

1. Access seq. is blank

2. Cond. category:

-G: depends on material master's price control value, it will take std cost or average cost

- T: take into account for moving average cost from material master

- S: for standard cost from material master

b. On pricing procedure, check your pricing procedure, look for VPRS, check whether the "SubTo" field's value equals to "B"



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In sequence please put this condition type above profit Margin condition type .

Please aasign B in Subto Field and Requirement field Put 4 and mark the check box statistical.

Hope this help

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Condition Type:

Every element of pricing is called a Condition Type.

Every Condition Type / Element will have a standard Technical Name.

Define Condition Types: T.Code v/06

Search for the standard Condition type (PR00 - Standard price) here you will have to select the condition type basing on your requirement. (ie.VPRS )

Click on Copy as icon to copy the standard Condition Type to User defined.

in the next screen replace the standard condition type (i.e. PR00 with your own Condition type) and click on Save.

Few Standard Condition Types are:




T.Code V/06 is used to define the Condition Types.

There are around 256 condition types given by the Standard SAP System.

For our pricing configuration we can choose our own condition type from the list. In case a condition type does not match the requirement then we can copy the condition type and modify according to the requirement.

values are maintained for eveey condition type. i.e. condition records are maintained for condition types inside the condition table.

Pricing Procedure



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Dear Siddharth

First of all, you have not specified whether your condition type for unit price is PR00 or VPRS. It is a different configuration if VPRS acts as unit price and if it is a cost of material.

Specify clearly what exactly you want.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi Lakshmipathy,

Basically i tried out using VPRS condition maintaining in material master moving avg price of material, but it was not following the rest of the conditions in the pric procedure and pr00 was being shown as inactive.

then i tried out maintaining condition records for PR00.

then VPRS condition rec was shown active but no contribution of it was involved in the pricing procedure.

Finally am following my PR00 condition and keeping vprs as a non involved condition.

what exactly does vprs signify when i maintain pr00 condition, and if i dont maintain pr00 condition then why doesnt my pricing procedure process on the value of my vprs condition type.



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Please aasign "B" in Subtotal Field and Requirement " 4 "and mark the check box statistical in the corresponding pricing procedure, and in the ietm category functionality in tcode "VOV8" check "determine cost".

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Hi Siddharth,

First of all explain your Pricing Procedure so that it will be easy to help you in configuring the VPRS condition.