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Voucher Number in new posting period

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I have created new posting period and series for financial year 2011-12.

In previous year I have created 600 voucher. My issue is that when I am creating new

voucher, voucher number is showing 601. I want that for new series voucher number should be

start from 1. but it seems like numbering series doesn't affect the voucher number.

Because there are no series creation for journal voucher. In this case how can I solve my problem.

Please help me on this.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Annu.............

You created Posting Period but have you created Period Indicator and Assigned this Indicator to this created Posting period?

If you have done this then when you define new no. series from one just assign the same indicatorto this New No. Series also and lock old series.....

Hope this will work....



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Sorry for late reply Rahul

Numbering series for Journal Voucher does not exist. So it doesn't effect the voucher number.

So voucher number is increasing for next period also

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Since series is not defined for journal vouchers,It will do general ordering like incrementing.....