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Volume discount question

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Based on testing, it seems to me the system decides on the discount in this order:

1. Special prices for BP

2. Discount group

3. Period or volume discount

4. Price List

This is my scenario:

I have customers with a discount on a certain product and I am putting it on special with a quantity buy but the lower discount populates rather than higher quantity.

1. Special prices for BP - NONE

2. Discount group - 15% on item group

3. Period or volume discount - on base price list: 20% when Qty is 5

4. Price List

Enter sales order - Qty 5 - populates 15% discount.

I want to give the highest discount i.e..20% when Qty is 5

Is there a way to make an item with a quantity buy, to supersede a discount group discount?

How can this be achieved? What is the recommended way to do this?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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System logic is hard or no way to change. You may decide how to use system logic to reach your goal.

In fact there is no way to satisfy both conditions. If period or volume discount supersedes a discount group discount, you probably will find in some case that is not necessarily true either.

It is all depending on what kind of sales are most used. Then decide what discount you need to keep.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Usually if a system logic is not changeable, a try to use SDK code or customization can be the last option to solve the problem.

have you tried to consider it ?


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I found out that 'Volume discounts" can be entered under Special prices as well.... i.e...doubleclick twice on row to open volume discount within special prices.

You can copy special prices for BPs from one BP to a customer group using "copy special prices to selection criteria".

This way, the special prices(which include volume discounts) always take precedence.