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VLPOD Overdelivery is not allowing to post. T. Code VLPOD

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Hello, experts.

Have problem with over delivery during VLPOD.

VLPOD is not allowing to do the Over Delivery Qty.

Step to perform:

1. Purchase Order

2. Outbound Delivery (NLI2 type)

3. PGI (68A moment type)


Face with the error M7 021 Deficit of Sales order st. blkd 2,000 KG : 26015506 4100 1911198268 T

Please give some advice.

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Answers (3)

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Hi o.saifudinova

Did you solved this issue?

Because I have the same problem, but, with SO process:

1. Sales Order (ORB) - 20UN

2. Outbound Delivery (LF) - 10UN

3. PGI - 10UN

4. VLPOD - 12UN

But once I selected the reason DFG1 - Overdelivery, reason unknown I received the message: "Deficit of Sales order st. blkd 2 KG : AR.BR.LG-A1 2002 R04421-00 T". And, the important point here is, I have value enough in this sales order to overdelivery this quantity.

I would like to understand the reason to can't proceed with this functionality once SAP is showing this option.

I'll really appreciate to receive your concerns.

Many thanks and best regards.


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Hi MJ,

do you got solution for DFG1? Would you like share that?

Further, how do you clear in-transit stock in case of DGF2 (Under-delivery Qty)?



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Hello Olha,

You cannot record an over-delivery in an STO process. Doing so would mean that you are increasing stock in your system, out of the blue.
SAP assumes that the amount of stock that leaves the issuing plant must arrive at some point of time into the receiving plant. Even if you report and under-delivery, at some point you would have to something with the stock that was issued and not received (stock in transit).

So, if you have an over-delivery, you could you would have to think what's the best option to align the system with the reality: new STO to issue the extra stock from the issuing plant? stock adjustments in both plants?

Best regards,


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It seems, the Business Function LOG_MM_SIT is not active in your system. If so, activate that and retest the process.

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Dear, Lakshmipathi Ganesan

Thank you for your answer.

BF LOG_MM_SIT is active.

Why do you think opposite?

Movement types from SIT functionality we use successfully. And in VLPOD we can post Under delivery, but this standard reason for over delivery in not working.

Any other advice?