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VL10B: No message getting generated while processing a STO

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when I use VL10B to create deliveries for STO, and there is no stock in supplying plant, it doesn't create any delivery but at the same time, issues no error message that there is no stock.

When I use 'create background' option in VL10B, it just stays in that screen without issuing any message.

Is there any way to get an error message for this? Coz this will make the problem clear for the user.



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When the delivery does not create there should be a message at the bottom of the screen that says 'see log for information nabout creating deliveries'

There is an icon at the top of the screen which is square and is blue on the left and grey on the right

Click on this and you will see a line

Click on this line and click on 'notes' and you will see the explanantion.

I hope that this helps

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hi Frenchy,

Thanks for the reply. But this particular icon is not appearing. This is my problem.

when there is stock of material, and the delivery is created, I see this icon and by clicking on it I can see the log.

but when the delivery is not created, the log also doesn't appear.

please help.

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chekc incompletion log for deliveries or checking rule

not sure but may be this is not creating the log.