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VL09 Wrong Reversal Date

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Dear SAP Guru,

Unwillingly I reverse the PGI Dated : 08th February, but correct Date will be 08th January. So stock is showing Dated 08th February. But it will be in 08th January.

I want this stock in the month of January instead of February.

How do I resolve this issue.

Thanks for your advance co-operations.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can one thing , change at table level ,

go to se16n , tables name MKPF , here enter the pgi reverse ( RE goods deliv. rev.) ( material document ) number , and give command  &SAP_EDIT ,

And press enter system sows modification allow , then execute after change the posting date,

and do the same another table BKPF, Change the posting date , please try this, in BKPF take pgi reverse accounting number like below screen,

please check and confomr

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Problem has solved, many thanks for your kind help.

But system have not any permission to change SE16N. So I used some alternative method which I like to share for future reference:

I've discovered an alternative method to re-enable all editing funcions on SE16N, Just follow the steps below:

1) Go to SE16N and type the table name you want to deal with

2) Instead of typing &SAP_EDIT in the command window, type /H to activate the debug

3) Hit the F8 key to enter the data browser for the table you typed on step 1)

4) While in debug, type the name of the following two global variables on the right panel: GD-EDIT and GD-SAPEDIT

5) Change the values of BOTH variables to an uppercased X

6) Finally, type F8 to exit from debug

Now you should be in the data browser screen for the table you selected and all editing features you had when &SAP_EDIT was available should be back again!



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