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VL059: You cannot add this item to the delivery

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I have a problem once I try to add items to my Returns Delivery.

(My customer seems to have returned more items than he specified in the return order and I want to register that in the return delivery: this to make the difference between u2018agreed to returnu2019 and u2018actually returnedu2019 insightfull).

I created a Returns (sales) order (with VA01; Order type RE).

Now when I create a Returns delivery (Delivery type LR) for this Returns (sales) order with VL01N, I cannot add items to this Delivery because if I try, I get the error:

"You cannot add this item to the delivery

Message no. VL059


This item could not be added to the delivery.


You can control the adding of data to deliveries by delivery type in Customizing.

Make the appropriate settings in Customizing as necessary or inform your system administrator."

I checked the customizing of Delivery type LR and changed the Order required-field (V_TVLK-AUFER) from u2018X-Sales order requiredu2019 to blank, but this does not solve my problem; I still get the error message.

Does anyone know how I can change the customizing to make this work?

Thanks beforehand for any clues!

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I assume instead of changing the the sales order required to blank, you should change the Item requirement routine from 201 to 202 and try.


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Dear Shiva,

Thanks a whole lot for this clue, I totally overlooked this setting.

I tested it. First with a normal Sales order (TA) with Delivery type LF which has Item requirement 202 by default; this works: I can add items in the Delivery.

Later I changed the Item requirement from 201 to 202 for Delivery type LR (0VLK) and tested my Return scenario; this works too now; here too now I can add items in the Return Delivery.

I now understand why 201 does not work and 202 does.

For the sake of knowledge sharing, let me please explain this:

See VOFM>Copying requirements>Deliveries:

201 simply states bp_subrc = 4.

Since (commentary) u201CBP_SUBRC > 0 - Item should not be copied.u201D, it is logical that no items can be added to the Delivery in this case.

202 states:

  • Adding items is not permitted if GI has been posted, or if *

  • the invoice has already been created.

So in case:

if xvbuk-wbstk = charc or

u2026there is an entry in wbstk (warenbewegung, means GI in German:), oru2026

xvbuk-fkstk = charc.

u2026there is an entry in fkstk (faktur, means invoice in German:)u2026

message w018.

u2026message 018 (u201CDelivery cannot be expanded because of billing or goods issueu201D) is issuedu2026

bp_subrc = 4.

u2026and you canu2019t add any items to the delivery anymoreu2026

So in all other cases, items can be added and this works.

In fact I also tested what happens if GI is posted for the Delivery, but once GI has been posted the Delivery items become not-changeable.

Again, thanks a lot for helping me out on this issue!

Kind regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Bart,

Please try this solution.

In the customer master , Goto to the shipping Data and then under shipping tab Put the Under Delivery Tolerance as 100 and over delivery tolerance as 100.

Now try to do the returns.

Please let me know if it works.