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VKM3 - Layout change

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Dear all,

In SAP, VKM 3 default layout displays in two lines.

In the Layout Administration, i can create new Layout but not options to select the column.

A SAP note says we can change the layout and save new layout and make it default.

1866441 - VKM*: ALV default output display variant shows two lines

VKM3 output is in SAP Table format but not in ALV format; and as per the NOTE please advise how to hide the columns and create new layout.



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Hello OD,

I have tested this in my system. I have created a new layout as following:

1. In result screen of VKM3, choose menu:  settings -> layout -> current

You will see all the listed fields and hidden fields in current layout.

2. Move columns you do not want to "Hidden fields" part then press "Copy".

Now, the results are listed based on your requirement.

3. Choose menu: settings -> layout -> save

The new layout will be saved now.

When you executing VKM3 next time, you could choose above newly created layout to display result.

Best regards,

Crystal Lin

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Perfect Crystal Lin and Thank you.

Misunderstood by this:


  1. Hide some columns, like descriptions and original system and maybe the authorization block. Any fields you do not want to use in the VKM* transaction.
  2. Go into the VKM* transaction and follow the menu path: SETTINGS -> LAYOUT -> ADMINISTRATION ->