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Virtual PC and SBO

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Hi All,

Does anyone know if Virtual PC is supported for SBO development, testing and demos (i.e. in a none production environment)? I'd like to be able to set up multiple development or demo environments on the same workstation for different versions/patch levels and add-ons. It would also be very useful to have 'clean' installations on a virtual pc for testing client data and analysing potential bugs.

Many thanks,


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Hi Owen!

I needed the same architecture before. I installed MS Virtual PC and SBO on it. It works excellent now! No troubles, no bugs. SBOs are fully independent.

Virtual PC version is 5.3.582.27

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Hello Owen,

I use VMware 4.5.1. Works fine, even with the API's.


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hello alexey,

i'm using it for a year already; all ok until now when i setted up a new machine, copied the basic image. the new SBO 2004 works fine: but i cannot install any addon ! do you have an idee what the problem could be ? thanks philippe