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VF06 No log for missed invoices

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Hi Friends,

We are facing issue when job is scheduled in VF06  with Collective Billing Document, parameter like customers , sales organization and selected check-box of Delivery-related document . It gives the proper list of document when we checked in spool as well as VKDFS table.

The issue is that

1) It creates the invoices for some deliveries , not all

2) We are not getting the error log for missed deliveries in job or V.21

3) Not getting log in Inbox  if happens because of Update Termination

4) Is it possible if error occurs for one of the Delivery , complete job gets skip for processing.

If same deliveries execute in foreground using VF04 with delivery no on selection-screen, then we are able to create the invoices.


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Hi Friends, Any help on this?