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Very Very urgent

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In travel management, when i give cash advance to employee(these postings are automatic postings)

Cash Advance a/c DR

To Vendor a/c CR

Vendor a/c DR

To Bank a/c CR

(when he gets the cash )

Now my client wants to dun the vendor if he doesnt reimburse the cash advance. So how can i dun the vendor in this case since while getting the cash itself the vendor a/c gets knocked off. How can i do this?

2. These postings are utomatic postings lyk we have thru OBYC. Is there a possiblity to use Spl. G/L in automatic postings? say for example can we use spl g/l indicator for OBYC auto postings?

This is my scenario, plz help me by giving suggestions on how to do this?

Its very very Urgent

I hope u all will help me.



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For your first query, you can create a dunning procedure and assign that to the vendor master records. You can have various options in the dunning configurations. Please do it and assign it to your vendor masters.

Regarding the second part, special GL transactions can be uploaded. You please contact your abaper for a bdc including the special GL indicator in the upload. Prior to this, make sure that you have defined your special GL accounts and the same has been configured in the OBYR.

Hope this would help you.

Please assign points.

One more thing, the subject text of your query is not a proper one and it may get locked soon..