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Very Important: Employee photo in module pool screen . Points assured

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hi all

I have uploaded the employee photos using tcode OOAD.

Now in a module pool program, i need to show the emloyee's photo on the screen alongside the employee's other details..

Please let me know how to get the employee photo on screen.

thanks in advance

<b>Points assured</b>

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Answers (2)

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Document type HRICOLFOTO must be linked to object type PREL and IT0002.

IMG>Personnel Management>Personnel Administration>Tools>Optical Archiving>Set up Optical Archiving in HR.

View: V_T585O,

In all three columns there are minuses, don't put a flag in the check box.

Check which content repository (Archive) is linked to document type HRICOLFOTO and object type PREL.

IMG>Basis Components>Basis Services>SAP Archive Link>Basic Settings>Maintain Links.

Table: TOAOM_C,

Tcode: OAC3

Link photo to personnel number.

Menu>Tools>Business Documents>Miscellaneous>Stored Documents.

Tcode: OAAD

Click on the Create button. Business object PREL and Docyment type HRICOLFOTO. Click on create (fill in the right personnel number in the pop up and click Continue). Choose the photo (as a JPG file) from the place where it is saved

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check whether you can see the Photo under fascimiles list.

if yes all you have to do is assign employee phots

Customizing User Interfaces->Change Screen Header->Infotype header definition

Assign like this in T588J

07 2 80 0002 PERNR PIC

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hi anantha

thanks for your reply..

well i have already uploaded the photos and i am able to see them in the header portion. My requirement is to display the uploaded photo in a customized module pool program screen and not on the standard pa30 screen.

Do you have any idea regarding this


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ESS (ITS) uses this FM to display photo. (but this fm looks for Html platform)

check this whether u can use it

Check this include MPZ01O01

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