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versions creation

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pls let me know about total how many versions are there , and how many we can create and its use.

and what is test scripts?

with thanks

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Sruti,

i didnt understood what versions are you asking about,

lets say you are writing a functional specification for a report or for an interface or enhancement

when you start you name that document as report version 0.1

then when you show it to your team lead and he had asked for some changes then you copy it and name it a s version 0.2 and lets say you show it to the abapper and he had asked for some more changes and you made some , so cpopy it and name it version 0.3 and so on its like when you change the old one you name the new one with increasing number it goes on like/.....0.4......0.9...1....1.1....1.2....

a test script is a document created with steps before testing any process .

send me an email so that i can send you the samples for scripts

hope you got an idea, if its helpful then assign points



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Answers (1)

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