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Vendor Payment Integration to Bank

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Seeking for assistance on how the vendor payment - details be integrated to Bank. Is there any standard procedure in SAP that can do this without the use of any file? The scenario is, once the payment was posted either automatic or manual, the data will be able to transfer to the bank system. Thank you.

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Hello Jenelyn,

In the following notes all payment programs (country-specific and formats) that are officially supported by SAP are specified.

395679     PMW: Overview of available formats

101440     Payment medium formats

Also kindly refer to note 1365764.

"B) Downloading the DME file

The correct transaction to display and download the DME file is FDTA.



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Hi Raymond,

I'm aware of these file generated payment details, but I just want to make sure if without using of any of these, is there a standard way to integrate the payments to bank? Like using a BAPI if needed or what? Thanks!