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Vendor Partner Function

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Hi All,

I am having requirement from client regarding vendor partner function as following.

Scenanrio is like one vendor is having two manufacturer, which i have defined into vendor partner functions. Both Manufacturer i have defined in Partner Functions in Vendor Master.

We are maintaining QM info record. If QM Info record is not there for particular vendor Material combination then PO can not be raised.

I have maintained QM info record for Vendor Material combination, but requirement is like at the time of creation of PO, system should not allow to create a PO with both manufacturer, it should allow only for one manufacturer ( Vendor Partner), but as we are maintaining QM Info record with vendor not with Vendor Partner.

If there is any other way through which we can map this requirement.

Can somebody help me out how to meet this requirement?

Thanks & Regards

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If you have more than 1 partner of the same partner role, then SAP gives you a pop-up for selection. This is a manual activity.

Based on what info do you select the manufacturer while creating the PO?

Based on what info do you expect the system to know which manufacturer is QM-approved?

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Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for your response.

Actually i have taken care of this requirement through MPN Pofile Configuration.

In that I have created one mate. with ROH type, for that material two mate code with HERS mate type so these two mate are linked to two manufacrurer from account group MNFR.

Now question is client asking that they should come to know after GRN,which batch is from which Manufacturer, so i have assigned SAP standard characteristic  MAKE - Manufactured by to batch class.

So at the time of GRN, they will enter Manufactuer number into Classification field, can we do something that manufacturer number can come automatically there into classification tab.