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Vendor Numbering

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What are the advantages and disadvantages in vendor numbering if we use interal or external numbering?



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Advantages of internal -

You don;t miss the sequence of the numbering

you can define based on the account group you use like regular vandoe can have number range from

10000 - 50000

than only accouting vendor can have 50001 - 60000

like wise freight vandor 60001 - 70000


There wont be any mistake of vendor number which is created intranlly compare to external cause enternal entry can be wrong in spelling.

e.g. vendor you create for Abbott labs

user might create vendor as Abbotlabs

Disadvantage -

certain reports in SAP for FI side is just showing the vendor number meanse if you have internal number range that it can display the number of the vendor but not the name so in the report it is bit difficult to see which vendor it is.

Extrenal number

Advantage - by looking the vendor code you know which is the vendor

Disadvantage - it must be created with wrong name (spelling mistake)

you have vendor length is 10 char which can not represent the right vendor name

same kind of name may have more than one vendor

or suppose Abbott has 10 diff plant and each plant can be a one vendor for you than it is difficult to define in the system if it is external

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Can you please mention the FI reports where only the vendor no is coming and not the description.



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S_ALR_87012077 - Vendor Information System

S_ALR_87012082 - Vendor Balances in Local Currency

S_ALR_87012093 - Vendor Business

S_ALR_87012079 - Transaction Figures: Account Balance

S_ALR_87012080 - Transaction Figures: Special Sales

S_ALR_87012081 - Transaction Figures: Sales

S_ALR_87012078 - Due Date Analysis for Open Items

S_ALR_87012103 - List of Vendor Line Items

S_ALR_87012083 - List of Vendor Open Items for Printing

S_ALR_87012084 - Open Items - Vendor Due Date Forecast

S_ALR_87012085 - Vendor Payment History with OI Sorted List

S_ALR_87012104 - List of Cleared Vendor Items for Printing

S_ALR_87012105 - List of Down Payments Open On Key Date - Vendors

S_P99_41000099 - Payment List

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Dear Soumen,

Advantages of vendor master no ranges is we can maintaine vedor name as no or we can give only nos or also possible to give both nos and names and also

according to thease account grops will assign so many back end setting that all will work with that settings only like one time vedor etc

Hope this helps you