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Vendor not populating in Purchase reqs.

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We are having issues where Purchase requisition is not populating vendor automatically.

Scenario as below:

MRP run creates Purchase Req.

From MD04 we turn the Purchase Req to Purchase Orders.

We have Info Record and for that material and only one Vendor Info Record Exist.

I know if we have a Source list(which we dont want to use) with a Fixed vendor check it might bring the vendor automatically, but I thought if we have a Info Record for that material (and only one Info record exists) then it should bring the vendor automatically in the Purchase Req which will bring the vendor in PO.

We dont want to manually go in the preq and assign the source of Supply.

Is there a way/settings(without using Sourrce list) where vendors will be automatically assigned in the Purchase req if they have a Info record(for only one vendor)

let me know


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The source can be either the source list or the quota arrangement....

If you define the quota arrangement, and use the source determination tick in the PR, then source shd auto come in the PR...

but in case of the MRP you have to maintain the sourcelist...

Also in the source list check the validity periods along with the fix indicator, MRP relevent indicator etc...

pls check if anything else revert back...



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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If you have only one info record and you want to assign automatically, Instead of ME51N or ME52N, You may use ME57 where you just click tab assign automatically system will do it automatically if only one info record is present. Please check the possibility if it suits your requirement.


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Mark the vendor as "Regular vendor" in Inforecord and try

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The source will get assigned in PR during MRP only if the vendor is in source list & marked as fixed & also marked as MRP relevant.

I do not think there is any other way to do this.