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Vendor Evaluation - Quality - Services / Indirect Procurement

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Hi All,

I am looking at the SAP S4HANA Standard system: Quality Score is computed by 1) GR Check (inspection lot) and 2) Complaint/Rejection Level (Quality Notification).

Now I am wondering if you have purchases for services or indirect materials where you do not create a inspection lot,

1) how do you create a QN (without inspection lot)

2) and how service suppliers are then differently treated in terms of vendor evaluation?

Regards and big thanks,


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Thanks for your answer. I know that there are different criterias, I also know how most of them are calculated. But my question is now really deep diving.

Here the scenario:

Direct Material: Material delivered by supplier - GR - Inspection Lot - Quality Notifications if required --> based on this the Quality Score will calculate the subcriteria "GR Check".

But for Services: there is no GR and no inspection lot because the service procured has no material data as type "service" at this company. Is it possible with standard SAP to create a QN for a service without inspection lot? Thus this information of QN will be going into the vendor evaluation as part of the second subcriteria of the quality score ("Notifications - Complaint/Rejection").

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Quality notifications do not require an inspection lot. They can be created via QM01.

I've never tried creating a notification for a service but I think that the only thing that is required is the vendor number.