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Vendor Evaluation Price Level For services

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Hi expert, I've seen that the Main Criterion "Price" is just for materials, and I wanted to know whether there is a way of Calculating Scores for Automatic Subcriteria for services.

I also wanted to know if there is any other standar criterion for evaluating services.

Thanks !!

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Thanks for the answer, but .. for price, is there a way of Calculating Scores for services?

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As I have told in my post there are only 2 Subcriteria for Services.

And for any additional Subcriteria, you have to add manually. And there is not any SAP Standard Scoring Method available for Services apart from C and D. So you can enter it manually in ME61.

If you want to calculate it automatically then use following User Exit;

MM06L001 - Exits to determine ratings in vendor evaluation

Also check once if main criteria Price works for the Services also along with Materials.