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Vendor discount issue in PO

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Hi All,

Below is my requirement

  1. Logistics Discount (L&D Allowance) and Cash Discount should be automatically picked up by system at the time of PO Creation.
  2. Logistics Discount Should be applied on the Supplier billing Price maintained in system (PB00).
  3. The Combination for Logistics discount is Vendor + Product Category + %, the discount % will vary by Category/Brand.
  4. Cash Discount should be applied on net price, i.e.: PB00 – Logistics Discount.
  5. The Combination for Cash Discount is Vendor + %, the discount % will vary by vendor.
  6. Both the discount values should be posted directly in to GL (for Logistics Discount = 13XXX5 Damage Goods Allowance (BS), and Cash Discount = a New GL under Finance Cost (P&L))

For Logistics Discount copied condition type RL01 and created as ZA02. Created access seq. Z001. assigned C.type. ZA02 in pricing procedure with new account key (ZLD).

Created a PO, ZA02 is calculated correctly as per % we maintained in MEK1 and amount getting reduced from base price. But it is not posting in to expected GL account, Instead its getting posted in Stock adjustment account.

Kindly let me know what configuration need to be changed to achieve this requirement.



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Answers (1)

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Issue Solved..