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Vendor Consignment Process

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Dear All,

Our client is in mysap ECC 6.0 version, he is given the requirement of vendor consignment process.

I would like to know the vendor consigment process in SAP including accounting flow.

Please arrange me if any such document is available



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Answers (5)

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Dear All,

While doing the MRKO, we are facing the following error, please advise

Consignmnt settlement: No message was found for partner 1900000046/compny code 2201

Message no. M8443


You are settling consignment or pipeline liabilities for vendor 2201 in company code 1900000046. For the information of the vendor, a document is created using the message determination function.

System Response

If no message record was found for a partner because of the message control settings, meaning that no output message can be created, no invoice documents are created.


In Customizing for Invoice Verification, check that the data for message determination has been maintained in such a way that an output message can be created for the vendors in the invoice document.

Execute function

If you want to settle without creating a document in message determination, you can switch off this message in Customizing



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Hi Anil

find below the Process flow of consignment procurement.....

Concept wise u can refer the librarry...

Consignment procurement :

No price in PO

No condition tab in PO

IR not required

GR required

MM01 u2013 Create Material

XK01 u2013 Create Vendor

ME11 u2013 Info category should be Consignment. Tax code should be given

ME21N u2013 Item category should be Consignment

( Not possible to determine the price & no condition for Item level)

MIGO u2013 Mvt type 101-K

Not valuated so Accounting document will not be available.

MB1B u2013 transfer posting.

Mvt type u2013 411K u2013 Vendor consignment to own

Accounting ( FI) document

KON u2013 A/c Payable

BSX u2013 Inventory

MB1A u2013 Stock issue

Mvt type 201K u2013 Vendor consignment to cost center

Accounting ( FI) document

KON u2013 A/c Payable

GBB u2013 Inventory


Select the line item and go to messages ---> Execute ---> Print view/process.

Accounting (FI) document

KBS u2013 Vendor

KBS u2013 Account payable(+)

VST u2013 Input tax(+)

Hope this is helpful



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Check the link and go through consignment contract.

Maruthi Reddy

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