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Vendor Consignment Clearing

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Hello Experts,

Can you plese explain/show me the process of clearing consignment related GR/IR up to accounting? As from what I'm thinking, before the documents can be cleared in transaction F.13, it must be first cleared on the MM side. Because documents related to consignment still has a difference/balance on them that's why F.13 cannot clear them.

Can you give us the steps that needs to be done in MM side up to F.13 side?





5. F.13

Thanks very much for your quick response,


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Hi Stiffler

as far as I know clearing is available into FI side.

Please review documentation SAPF124:

"Clearing takes place when, for the group of line items selected according to the above criteria, the balance in document currency (for customers and vendors) or in update currency (for G/L accounts) is zero.

The date for clearing is the clearing date according to your selection specifications. In an update run, if the clearing transaction is successful, the clearing document number is specified."

The program groups the items according to 5 fixed criteria and 5 user criteria.

The fixed criterias are:

Company code

Account type

Account number

Reconciliation account number

Currency key

Special G/L indicator.

The five user are criteria are defined in OB74.

The program can clear the grouped items ONLY if the balance of the group equals zero in document currency or in update currency. So you should be sure that all the items are grouped according to the above criteria and the balance of the groups is zero.

In addition, if you set flag "Special processing of GR/IR clearing accounts" in variant F.13. So configurations in OB74 will be ingored and the program then automatically uses the EBELN, EBELP and XREF3 as grouping criteria.

If the values are different for the documents, they are not cleared and system worked as design.

Kind Regards