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vendor code, transaction

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dear sir,

i have one vendor code i want to check from which Transaction code the same is created.

i know vendoe code can be created by XK01, MK01 and FK01.(if any other TC available plz let me also know the same)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Suresh,

Please try table CDHDR (in SE16, SQVI).

You can set the vendor code as filter criterium for field CDOBJECTV. Field CDTCODE will show the transaction code used in connection with this vendor.

I hope it works.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Suresh,

First of all, What is the business requirement? why do you want to know from which tcode is used to create vendor master?

btw, When you create vendor master record, it is must to create general data first and the date of entry in LFA1 will be considered as creation date. now take the date and user name from that information, and go to CDHDR table and check out 'I - insert' record for that name and date. it will also show the transaction code used to insert that record.

Hope this helps.


Arif Mansuri

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i need to check the authorizations pertaining to that TC/object of the same.

there is no business requirement, just for controlling point i nee dto check the same.

thank u for the answer