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Vendor Code Extension

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I need to extend a vendor code108801 from co code 1000 to 2000. Now i tried xk01 taking 108801 as a reference, however for co code 2000 I got the vendor number different. can i not have the same vendor code 108801 for co code 2000 ?

Also I would like to know what is vendor master transfer, just saw a t.code fk15 through which you can transfer the vendor master from one co code to another. Is this different from extending vendor to another co code ?

best regds


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Answers (3)

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Hi Subhadeep,

I got your point.. You have entered vendor code only in reference field & forgot to enter in vendor field...

If you want to extend vendor you have to enter vendor code in vendor field as well as reference field.

FK15 is used for mass vendor extension. It is also useful to extend some vendors to many co. codes using only one t-code.

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is this the first vendor you extend to another cocd .. or you did this before and this is the first time to encounter such problem?.. FK01 extend vendor only on Accounting level not to purchasing org.

i would recommend use XK01 to extend vendor both on FI & MM ..

just enter the vendor code like you are create new one and enter the cocd that vendor already exist and enter the purchasing organization that you want related to new Cocd that you want to vendor to be created with same code enter ..

follow the steps and you will find that new vendor has been created in new cocd with smae code..


Mahmoud El Nady

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Please use FK 01 to extend in company code .

FK15 does the same thing . THis is same as FS 15 which is like extention of gl code from one company to another.

when i used fs 15 to extend the GL SAP extended all GL code into new company even I enter certain ranges . SO i believe FK15 will the same .

so if you have one of then use FK01

many Thanks