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Vendor bank details - BG

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Could you tell me how to enter bank details (FK01 > payment transactions) for a bulgarian bank account ?

Thank you

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Hi David,

As per my understanding this question can rather refer to FI area. The terminology you used (e.g. "payment transactions") may have common words between FI and "SAP payment engine" areas. "SAP Payment Engine" is a separate SAP product (find out more information in the following SAP help link:

According to transaction you mentioned - FK01, I believe this question should be addressed to expert colleagues in FI-AP* (Accounts Payable) area. For this purpose we will have to change the tag of your question to another one related to FI. Otherwise this inquiry won't reach the right colleagues who can help you.

So, could you please confirm if my assumption is correct that you are not using "SAP Payment Engine" and your question belongs rather to FI area? Or not?

Thank you in advance

Best Regards

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