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- ve value in pricing

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Dear All,

We have a below calculation in pricing

Condition Type XXXX, YYYY, ZZZZ


x * 0.1% = ZZZZ

Requirement : if ZZZZ is u2013ve then it should not be consider or ZERO

Can anybody suggest me the confg setting for above scenario



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Answers (5)

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You have two options for it.

1) As suggested above create a new ABAP routine in VOFM to calculate it, and assign that routine to ZZZZ.

2) Do the following customization:

in pricing procedure:



Total (to and from step) = 10 - 20

30 ZZZZ percentage of Total

Make condition records of YYYY with negative values.

make condition records for ZZZZ as 0.1%.

and for ZZZZ settings: Positive/negative as "only positive values"

try and revert

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This is generally a requirement to ensure that the discount offered is not more than the sales price in the sales order. This can be done by defining a condition value routine that would change the value of the net value to zero if the value is found to be negative. This is coupled with an incompletion check for net value so that such lines are marked as incomplete for further actions.

Hope this is useful


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please go to controls of condition type and maintain required setting for + or - ve impact which u want and if u want to limit the value plz go to pricing limits

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Along with suggesting setting, for condition type ZZZZ in v/06 you need to maintain Positive/negative as blank - positive and negative

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Hi Sarang,

Have a pricing routine created in VOFM (Formulas----- > condition value)and assign it in the alternate calculation type in pricing procedure for the condition type

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