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VC CU50 characteristic sequence in General tab

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Hi Experts,

I'm in ECC 6.0.

Within the Variant Configuration, CU50 Simulation, I've an interface design set and would need to show, in the General Tab, the characteristics in a predefined order / sequence.

In the other Tabs, I can easily play with the char's sequence using the path

Value assignment - Interface design - Overview...

but what about the General tab?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Thanks and bye,


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The General tab presents the characteristics that have not been placed into any particular interface group.  If it is important to present those characteristics in a certain way, it is best to put them into a defined group.  

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No, I cannot create a further interface group, as I'm using them all (9 groups + General tab).

My goal is exactly to show in the General tab (that is the one firstly accessed when entering the material configuration) the main characteristics, as all the others have been set inside the 9 interface design groups.

The main characteristics in the General tab are not that many, just 8, but I prefer to show them in a meaningful order for a user-friendly data entry.

I was hoping there is a way to establish a sequence / order to show them.

Thanks for any further help / suggestion on the topic!