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VBKPF-XWFFR in LF040F00 only or somewhere else?

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To financial experts reading the ERP FInancials,

i'm trying to configure workflow for parked accounting document release and probably looking in the wrong place. it seems like only OBWA and OBWJ configuration is sufficient for the flag to end up in VBKPF-XWFFR database field. this is true for the devlopment box. but exactly the same configuration in test is not sufficient. this flag is needed for the release task to work.

i have deactivated all FIPP methods in transaction SWE2, removed entries from table SWEINSTCOU, had a look at table TBE01 for BTE 00001140 and 00002213, and started looking at LF040F00. the last line where i see the flag populated is in variable XVBKPF-XDFFR, right before executing COMMIT WORK in line 5966. it then becomes unassigned. this behavior is the same in both dev and test, so this is not what decides. what is determining the flag to be stored in the field after F-65 transaction completes?

i'm not a professional developer and this FM does a lot of things and seems relevant to Financials. i could probably ask the same question in ABAP and Workflow fora, but i'm not convinced it's a purely development or workflow issue.

any suggestions? i have found some interesting comments in the code which actually sound quite funny, so i will share if i get good tips.

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the solution (which i still can't see when looping throught the code) seems to be a conclusion that any preexisting active workflow reserves the method (here FIPP.CREATED) to itself and prevents any new workflows from using any other methods like RELEASE in this case, so OBWA and OBWJ are necessary, but not sufficient for XWFFR to be written during the L040F00 execution. so, no funny ABAP comments from me for the time being.