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I found in one of our quer

this field


wher it is use ?

where in master data can I find it ?

what is this value ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This field means 'Sub-total1'. This contains the value of the field first Sub-total line in the conditions tab of the item in VA02 or VA03.

There is no master data for this field. It is a calculated field as it is a subtotal of the conditions that appear before it. E.g.

Price = 100

Discount = 10


Net Price (Subtotal) = 90

If you wish to find how this is calculated, you need to see transaction V/08 or the definition of the relevant pricing procedure under column 'SubTot'.

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Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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There is no defined value for KZWI1 - it depends on the configuration of your individual pricing procedure. If you look at standard procedure RVAA01, step 100 is a sub-total called "Gross Value" and in the column headed "SubTo" there is a figure 1. This means that the Gross value of each line item is transferred to KZWI1 in VBAP and VBRP.

If you remove the figure 1 from Gross Value and insert 1 against step 302 then the Nett value would be inserted into KZWI1.

You have six of these KZWIn fields to use so you could insert the Gross value into KZWI1, the discount value into KZWI2, the freight charges into KZWI3 and so on.


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VBAP-KZWI1 is a subtotal field at item level.

For each individual item, the billing document value is determined from the pricing for this item.

You don't see this field in any master data records.

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What is it ?

This field refers to Sub total in Pricing Procedure.

Where in Master data can I find it ?

There is no master data associated with this field. This is a dynamic field that needs to be included in pricing procedure so that appropriate values should be populated to this field.

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This is the field for subtotal1.

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VBAP-KZWI1 = Subtotal 1 from pricing procedure for condition

It is used in pricing.

You can find the value in the relating sales order.

VBAP is the table with all sales order items.

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