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VAT Surcharge Calculation wrong in Dealer Invoice

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Dear All,

We have problem in VAT Surcharge Calculation in case of Dealer Invoice.

At the time of MIGO user has manually updated the Excise Amount and ticked the check box MRP Indicator and done the J1IEX also,

Now at the time of MIRO system is posting all amount correct except VAT Surcharge...

What could be the reason form the same?

Best Regards.


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Provide the details of all the postings that have been made and in MIRO what is the value that system proposing

Like PO amount,Tax code details,GR tax details and MIRO details so that someone will able to help you

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The details are as following:

PO Base Amount = 84000

Basic Excise Duty = 8,400

Education Cess = 168

H.E.Cess = 84

VAT @ 4% = 3706

VAT Surcharge @ 5% = 185

Now at MIGO

BED = 9,000.00

ECS = 200.00

HECESS = 100


Vendor = 97,249.70

GR/IR = 84000

CENVAT Clearing = 9000

CENVAT Clearing = 200

CENVAT Clearing = 100

VAT @ 4% = 3732

VAT Surcharge @ 5% = 217.70 (it should be 5% of 3732 i.e. 186.6) this calculation is wrong..


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What I think is that your process is violating the basic concept of dealer purchase which is PO without ED

You can refer this link may be it will help you

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i think you are following some wrong practice ,

you need to check MRP indicator in GR and update values manually

also in MIRO you need to change the base of amount to the actual amount

check Note 1104456 - Use of MRP indicator for capturing excise duties from dealer

This is Traders pass-on scenario.


Material Price = 80/-

Excise Duty = 14/- (BEDECessSECess)

Margin = 6/-


Total =100/-

VAT @3% = 3/-


Grand Total =103/-


Step 1:

Create PO with Base Price as 100/- by selecting tax code which is having VAT as 3% (Total PO value will be 103/-)

Step 2:

Post MIGO and Capture Excise Part - 1

Click on More details icon in Excise tab (header), check MRP Indicator in miscellaneous tab, Enter Assessable value as 80 in Excise tab Item level and enter the excise values BED, ECess , SECess manually, check & save the document.

Step 3;

Post Excise Part 2 in J1IEX

Step 4:

Post MIRO by checking calculate tax, edit base value as 80/- enter the amount in header as proposed by the system (103/-), simulate & post the document.

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i think MRP indicator can only be used with a tax code which doesn't have an excise component

in your case, you can change the values in the excise tab , without resorting to MRP indicator.

you may have to ensure that the differential tax amount is adjusted in the base value in extise tab

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Dear All,

Thank you so much for your help on this issue..

I have raised this message to SAP and got the below reply

For dealer scenario there will be change in VAT value based on the

excise values that you enter in MIGO/J1IEX and on that

changed VAT value your surcharge should calculate.

Please Use the user exit 'J_1I7_USEREXIT_PROCESS_TKOMV' to redetermine

the SURCHARGE condition type value. This user exit will be

called after the FM 'J_1I4A_TAX_CONDITIONS', where the

redetermination of the VAT will take place on the basis of

the changed excise duties.

You can then redetermine the SURCHARGE value also on the

basis of the changed VAT value and accordingly change the XKOMV.

Please incorporate your logic to calculate the SURCHARGE on the

changed VAT value in the userexit mentioned.

But I classify my VAT surcharge condition type same as VAT and it started calculating Correct..