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VAT Report in 3 countries for same company code

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Hi All

My company (1 company code) has VAT registration in Malaysia, France and Germany, we have created tax code for these 3 companies, but we wont be able to use the standard VAT report for Germany, France and Malaysia as we are 3 in 1.

We read that we may need to activate Plant Abroad function in SAP so that we can use the standard VAT report and also the standard intrastat report.

Appreciate if somebody can help us clarify if this is true, otherwise what should be the steps. Thanks.

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Hi Foo,

it is exactly how Taro said.

cusotmizing-Financial Accouting-Financial accounting general settings-tax on sales/purchases-basic settings-plants aboard

     1) activate plants aboard

     2) define your VAT reg. number in different coutry

create in you logistic customizin organisation units plant/sales org./pur. org with all necessary etnries to be possible to send/receive materials and logistic documents......... consult that with your logistic consultants....

after that you will be able to report VAT using "tax reporting country" in S_ALR_87012357 advanced return for tax on sales/purchases...

In this report you should always use for plants aboard ( VAT reg. nr. aboard ) check box "Nat.Crry Instead of Local Crry" ( reporting in you plant-aboard country currency ).

Always ensure relevant and actual Exchange rate if currency differ from your company code currency.

Hope it helps



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Hi Foo,

If your Malay company code is registered in 3 VAT regimes and required to submit Tax returns to a foreign tax authority as well as EC sales list for another EU country, Intrastat,  Plants abroad functionality is a SAP standard offering that enables you to do these reporting.

By activating this functionality, you have "Tax Country" field in VAT code and also posting/reporting, which would allow you to report them separately.

You can see more details as below.

OSS note 63103: Explains logic regarding tax procedures if you are using plants abroad (I would normally use alternative 2)

Plants Abroad - ERP Financials - SCN Wiki