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VAT output tax report-Customised _Tables and fields link

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I have to create a customised report for the VAT out put tax ..Please advice me which tables should be looked in to get the following fields

ICustomer,Invoice number,Posting date,tax code,Tax base amount in document and local currency,tax amount in document and local currency,exchange rate.

Please advice.Is it possible to get this done with sp query ..if so please advice how to go about it.

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There is no need to create a programm for this.

Use S_ALR_87012357 - Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases .

You can adjust the layouts in this report to include thoose fields.

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You can get all these details from the tables VBRK, KONV etc.

From VBRK, the sold to party (KUNAG) and payer (KUNRG) are there. For finding out the tax values, you should know what is the condition type you are using for tax. Assume that MWST is being used.

Now find out VBRK-KNUMV value. Give this value as input in KONV table for the field KNUMV.

Also pass KONV-KSCHL = MWST (tax condition type).

Now you can get the values of MWST from fields KONV-KWERT (Value), KONV-KBETR (Rate), KONV-WAERS(Currency key) KONV-KKURS (Exchange rate) KONV-MWSKZ (Tax code) KONV-KUNNR (Customer) etc.

Just explore VBRK and KONV, you will get all your details.

Hope this helps