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Variant Configuration

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Hi frnds

I have a doubt in variant configuration. There are three cases in defining dependencies($self, $root and $parent). Can someone explain me what is the implication of these three individually. Though most of the times we use $self then where do we use $root and $parent.

I would appreciate if someone can throw some light on this issue!!!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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$ROOT is the highest-level configurable material in a configuration

$PARENT refers to the object immediately above $SELF in a multi-level configuration.

The variable $PARENT has no meaning for the header material, because the header material has no superior materials.

In dependencies that are allocated to BOM items, $PARENT refers to the configurable material for which the BOM was created, whereas $SELF refers to the material of the BOM item.

$SELF is the material to which the dependency is allocated.

Hope this clears you doubt, pl award points.

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