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Variant confifuration in a super routing ( task list)

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I am implementing in a project the variant configuration I created a super routing (task list) the selection of the work center is working correctly however I need to display a message and to stop the selection process of the work center in case any of the condition fill out the requirement.


The product has the following dimension:

L = 25

W= 5

The work center is selected or the routine is created only if the dimension of the product fits in the work center:

Work center 1

Lmax = 20

Wmax = 15

Work center 2

Lmax = 15

Wmax = 10

For this case the L grater than the Lmax of any of the work center So the routing can not be created I need to stop the creation of the routing and generate a message saying any work center fit the dimension.

Can any one know how to do this,

Any help I really appreciate,

Isaias Morales

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It should be possible in ABAP programming in variant function.

In standard selection condition or procedure (without variant function), you cannot popup the message.

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Thank you for the answer,

However I would like to know if anybody has the code of the function.

Thank in advance.


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Google "Variant function Popup Message".


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