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Variance Calculation

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Hi all

Is there anyway I can look at the error log when I run Variance calculation in background?

All I can see at the moment is a basic list which only tells how many errors were thrown by the run.

I want to look at the detailed error messages like one which is displayed by KKAL(View error log for WIP background processing)

Many Thanks


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Answers (3)

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Hi Fico able,

I have the same problem running KKS1 but can't seem to see any help in OSS. I also need to see error logs / messages but when I run KKS1 there's no worklist produced and you can't drill into any error messages in SM37. Did you ever resolve this issue ? Thanks, CO

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Good afternoon and greetings,

I presume you are using KKS1 TCode? Is that one correct...if yes, try using the following standard transaction codes to get the info





Hope this meets your requirement and if you find this answer useful, reward points...

Take Care

Thanking you

With kindest regards

Ramesh Padmanabhan

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While executing the variance calculation in background you create a spool request.

Then use TCode SM37 and click on the spool in the tool bar. Check for your job number and double click on it.

It would have all the details.



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Thanks Suraj for the answer, but this does not give me what I'm looking for. It is only displaying the basic list showing just the number of errors and warnings. As a result, I can't delve further as to which of those production orders have got errors and warnings

What I want to look at is a detailed log of errors thrown by the variance calculation in the background. The log would look like as if it is run in the foreground.