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Valuation using cost estimate Vs. VPRS condition

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Hi All,

I have a doubt and I hope someone can help me.

In my company we sell manufactured goods and trading goods, for manufactured goods we want to use Valuation using cost estimate, which works fine, but for trading goods I haven´t tried but it seems not to be right therefore, for trading goods (material type HAWA) I´m using condition VPRS for getting the COGS as a whole till here everything is fine but the problem is when I sell Finished goods, the system valuate my value field with condition VPRS instead of using cost estimate which I have customized. I thought it should be one way or another but not both, Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Valuation of material will always be based on material cost as per price control S or V. Cost estimate is used for performance analysis i.e. plan vs actual variance.

Condition type VPRS stores the material price as per price control S or V and gets posted to COPA COGS in both the scenario of trading or manufacturing in Make-To-Stock.

Please explain 'valuation using cost estimate'.


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