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Valuation type

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Can any one send me the perfect material related to Split valuation(valuation type).



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Go to OMWC - Configure Split Valuation

Here Create Valuation Category as "PROCUREMENT" and Valuation Types as "DOMESTIC" and "IMPORTED"

Refer following link for detailed configuration of Split Valuation

[Split Valuation|]

Process Flow: -

1. Create Material Master for Asset in MM01, mainatin valaution category in "Accounting 1" view and extend the material master for all the above 2 valaution types and input the value.

Here in your case Valuation Types will be "DOMESTIC" and "IMPORTED"

When you want to Purchase materials then,

1. ME21N - Create for Material with valuation type "DOMESTIC" or "IMPORTED" as per requirement, maintain it in "Delivery" Tab

2. MIGO - GR w.r.t. PO (GR of material will be done in valaution type as per maintained in PO "DOMESTIC" and "IMPORTED"

3. MMBE - Stock Overview (Here you can see the stock as per valuation type "DOMESTIC" and "IMPORTED"

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Hi Vishal,

In Real Time Business there might arise situations during which the stocks of the same material might have to be tracked separately according to criteria like origin, quality etc. The application provided by SAP for this is Split Valuation and it works in the following fashion.

First you need to activate split valuation in T code OMW0.

Step 1: Defining Global Valuation types

T code OMWC- Click on global type tab enter the valuation type required to be created.

Definition of Valuation type:

Uniquely identifies separately valuated stocks of a material.

The valuation types allowed for a material are determined by the valuation category.

If a material is valuated according to its origin (valuation category H), you can define the possible countries of origin as valuation types.

Step 2: Defining Global Valuation Categories

In Same T code click on Global Categoriesand define new val categories (By clicking on create tab). then click on Types-> cat tab assign Types to categories. Then activate val category by double clicking on each item.

Definition of Val Category:

Determines whether stocks of the material are valuated together or separately.

Step 3: Assign Category to OU (Plant):

In the same t code click on Local def tab.You will get a screen with list of plants. here click on Cats.-> OU tabSelect the plant and assing created val cat to that plant. Now New Val Cat and associated type are available for that plant.

Now a new Valuation Category has been created for plant you assigned.

In material master enter valuation category in Accounting 1 data. and save, this will become header level material. here the price control should be 'V'.

Again extend the material while entering org levels it will ask for valuation type assign the val type. here you can have price control either S or V


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A Business scenario in a Petroleum company where a fInished material like LPG is maintained.

The stock will also be maintained based on valuation type.....

These have different valuation in different countries, states etc...



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The valuation type identifies split-valuated stocks of material.The valuation category indicates the

criteria for defining partial stock. The valuation class enables assignment to accounts on a basis specific to the material type and material.

You can define the valuation class in T.code: OMSK

The valuation type & valuation category in OMWC and activate in OMW0.


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Go through the link.