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Valuation Type related problem

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Dear All,

With one of our client, there is requirement for split valuation. They want to differentiate Domestic & Imported procurement. They also want to hit different G/L based on domestic or import procurement.

I have got following query in the same:

1. I want to make Valuation type field mandatory in Purchase Order only. Not in PR.

In standard system, system is giving only warning message.

Message number ME 113: In case of split valuation, please enter a valuation type

I have also tried to make this message error in "Define Attributes of System Messages", but it is still warning message only.

2. Client wants to use Valuation type "Domestic" and "Imported" for different material types, i.e. Raw Material, Consumables etc.

For each material type, they have defined 2 valuation classes, ie XXXX-Domestic & XXXX - Imported. And these

valuation classes are mapped with concerned G/Ls also.

In this case, do i need to create 2 different valuation types for each material type in which they want to map split valuation.?

Because valuation type will be linked with account category reference and account category reference will be linked with

material type, which will be linked with valuation class.

Your help in this regard, will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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IN Screen layout of PO --> GI/IR control -->valuation type set as mandatory field.

For screen layout ME21N, AKTH, NBF

then in PO the valuation type will be mandatory.

2. Better 2 valuation type enough for split valution for Import & indigenious.


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Dear All,

Thank you very much for your prompt replies.

But i still have doubt about my second question.Please see below table for more clearification.

Currently we are having configuation like this:

Valuation Type Account category reference Valuation Class

Domestic 001 - Raw Material XXX1 - Raw material Domestic

Imported 001 - Raw Material XX10 - Raw material Imported

Domestic 002 - Spares XX11 - Spares Domestic

Imported 002 - Spares XX20 - Spares Imported

Willl I be able to assign same valuation type to more than one account category reference.?

Or I should create one account category reference with all the valuation classes assigned to it,

as shown below:

Valuation Type Account category reference Valuation Class

Domestic 001 - Acc. Cat. for split valutaion XXX1 - Raw material Domestic

Imported 001 - Acc. Cat. for split valutaion XX10 - Raw material Imported

Domestic 001 - Acc. Cat. for split valutaion XX11 - Spares Domestic

Imported 001 - Acc. Cat. for split valutaion XX20 - Spares Imported

Would request you to help me in this regard.

Thanks & Regards,

Mihir Popat

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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1. Val type in PO will be mandatory if Split valuation is acive for that material in that plant

2. Valuation type assigned to Val category -->plant

So for that particular plant and valuation category, those valuation type can be used. no issue in that.

But the different material types and val type within need to be valuated differently.

Hence you use different a/c cat reference for material types

Thus assign different val class (for dom and imp) for each a/c cat ref.

hope it helps

Best Wishess


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Error to warning and Warning to Error is not possible to change for some standard messages.

You can manintan 2 valuation types for domestic and iImported