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Hi experts,

I know from the fact that materials should be valuated accordingly coz once transactions occured, it's now hard to change it for a reason that you will consider subsequent documents. My question is to how to correct previous accounting entries if the material is not valuated correctly like i had a case wherein certain material was valuated as spare parts inventory where supposedly it's a raw materials inventory. I was trying to correct using F-02 but there was an error saying inventory account can only be posted internally in a company code. Is there any way i can correct the history or should i leave it as is??

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You have a choice.. You can leave the diff as it is or You can correct it... It depends on your business....

If you wish to correct, here are the steps.. Many ppl wont agree to it, but I have used it myself, so I am confident about it

1. Remove the auto posting indicator in FS00 for the Inventory Account

2. Make the postings in F-02

3. Restore the tick again in FS00

Till the time you restore the tick, no material movements can be posted in the system for the affected materials... i.e. you cant post any GR/GI for the affected materials... So, this would ensure that nothing wrong happens in the system

Its better you do it on a Sunday/Saturday as to not affect the busines

Br, Ajay M

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Hi Ajay M,

Appreciated your positive response but i guess i can't do that coz we have work on saturdays/sundays since we are a manufacturing company. Thanks for the idea!