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valuation class

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how we can change valuation class of material.

also how we can change unit of measurement of matrial.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To Change the Valuation class of the material, first of all you need to do following-

1.GR for full open quantity is done.

2. LIV is done for planned delivery cost as well as goods and services.

3. Full Vendor settlement is done both for Goods as well as delivery cost vendors.

4. All stocks are consumed and there is no stock balance.

Once the valuation class is changed, during G/L account determination it will determine the new G/L account instead of the old one.In case you still want to have some posting on the basis of the previous G/L account, you need to do the same based on manual Journal Vouchers.

If open purchase orders already exist, you can only change the valuation class if you first flag the corresponding purchase order items for deletion.If production orders exist for which a goods movement has already taken place, you can only change the valuation class if you first set the status of the production orders to deleted

For more follow the link


Biju K

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Krishan,

If u want to change unit of measure u have to archive stock from s.location or issue to certain cost centre.

In mm02 - change in material master u will find "Display Errors"

which will give u open documents in ur plant.

or U have to set deletion flag for the same.

Hope this will solve ur problem.

Pls reward me if i am right.



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2)Basic unit of measure is client level ,if you wants to change this


-Should not have any related material in your plant.

-No open order qty

-if you have maintained any conversion for this you should delete this on material Master Add. info view

(Have to select the line item then delete it)


1)To change the valuation class MM02 is fair enough but pre request is reqd it s alreday discused in above mail



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There should be no stock in the material master . If the stocks exists ,then you can not change the valuation class. In that case you transferthe stocks to other material ( may be you can create a dummy materialfor this purpose ) and then you can change the valuation class.If thestock is there , best period is month end because at that time stocks will be same for both the periods ie current period as well as monthend.

If the stocks are not there ( as per your mail ) and no open PO/sto/PRetc is there , you can always change the valuation class.

Just use the transaction code MM02 and change the valuation class.

Once you change the valuation class, FI entries will be posted in thenew GL account in which the new valuation class is assigned.

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