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Valuation class change issue

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Business need is to change valuation class of a material. All required conditions are met like open orders, stock etc..but still getting the error message during valuation class change that one PO is still opne, if i check that PO it has been fully completed with GR, IR and also delivery complete tick is done. Please let us know what else should be checked for this PO which is showing as open

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Thanks for all your replies.

The solution proposed like setting deletion indicator for PO line item, changing the error message settings all are ok.

But business wants to know why it is shown as open PO , though everything is completed for this PO.

Is there any SAP note for this issue. Is it due to inconsistency in the system. How to correct this.

Please advise.

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The change of the valuation class will impact on ML (material ledger), if the ML

is active. Is ML active on your system?

The note 575632 explains partly the effects on CCS. The

valuation class is used to allocate the plan costs to the related cost

element. Therefore, it is advisable to create new materials instead of

changing the valuation class. This would be straight forward and easy to

follow-up. The CCS does not a change history. Consequently, the previous

periods can not be explained with current CCS. That may lead

inconsistencies under circumtances. It is up to your decision. You can

change, test the impact and decide on. The proposed solution of SAP

would be avoiding that change and creating new materials.

When you try to change the valuation class, what is the details of the


In order to change valuation class in the material master, you have to

make sure that none of the following exist in you system:

1  Valuated stocks in the current period or in the previous period

2  Open purchase orders or delivery schedule lines

3  Production orders for which a goods movement has already taken place

The system checks the stocks (storage loc. stocks and special

stocks) of the same period in which the valuation class will be changed.

If the valuation class of current period will changed, check in

transaction code MMBE for zero stocks, or in SE16: MARD/MBEW;


The system checks all dependant purchase documents without delete flag

and error M3368 occurs when it finds at least one non deleted po item

(not only when stocks exist).

1. First be sure that no stocks exist in current AND previous period!

   see note 30656, with an example how to get zero stocks.

2. SE16 ->table EKPO. Select all po items of the related material.

   If you found items with LOEKZ <> 'L', you have to delete them in ME22

3. SE16 ->table AFPO. Select all items of the related material/plant.

   If you find at least one item, change of val.clss. is not possible.

   You have to these production order(s) !

These hard restrictions are necessary as inconsistencies in account

assignment will follow after change of val.class, when proceeding

follow up functions of a PO item before and after changing valuation

class. Also attached is 146241.

In customizing for the Material Master, you can switch the check for

open purchase orders and/or for production orders to a warning.

You do this in Define Attributes of System Messages by assigning

the message type Warning to message MM 326 and/or MM 327 respectively.

Please refer to note 160970 for more information.

I hope this will help you in resolving the reported issue.


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Check the SAP note 167242,It will clear any inconsitancy.

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Hi All,

Thanks again for inputs.

There is no inconsistencies observed in the system in PO history or between tables EKBE and EKET as mentioned in SAP note.

The only issue is, PO is appearing as open during valuation class change though GR, IR and delivery completion check box is checked.



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Addition to above make sure you should not have any stock ,If the stock is there just issue to 201 .Once you changed you should get back the material 202.If any open PO is there either you need to delete or make sure GR and Invoice and delivery completed indicator should be there.

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if the invoice is also posted for the PO, keep deletion indicator for the line item in the PO and save.

then try to change the valuation class.

it should work i hope..


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Read following link

Kailas Ugale

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If you are sure there is no Open items for that material then you can proceed as below,

Use T-Code OMT4  change message MM 326 & 327 to type "Warning"   (if open order you can enter through warning messages),

Change valuation class, Valuation class should be changed as expected,

Again Use T-Code OMT4 & Change message MM 326 & 327 back to type "Error"

Also check below link for more details,